Photo of Artist Spar Street
Painting by Spar Street: Running Free
Painting by Spar Street: Mattie's Spirit
Painting by Spar Street: Phoenix Rising


Like his paintings, Spar has coupled within himself enormous intensity with warmth and kindness. He has energy and power, born of living – the ability to move and be moved by the subtleties of nature and spirit. His life and works celebrate a world free of hidden feelings and calculated behaviors. They seem like the wind… move like it; come from it, perhaps. As a successful International artist, Spar is renowned for his ability to touch people's hearts. The passion of living and the boundless capacity of the heart to love are the continuing explorations of Spar's work. The moving rhythms and sensuous resonance of his contemporary abstract and representational paintings dance upon the walls they grace. His inspired use of line and form, color and media, transform objects into uplifting imagery, heart-warming for all who behold them. Each piece is an invitation to freedom, to passion, to aliveness.

As if predestined to be an artist, Spar's mother traded a painting with the doctor who delivered Spar in exchange for his services. She was an art student at the time of his birth.

Born with what his mother fondly recalls as "endless creativity," he began painting at the age of two. Even at this young age his heart delighted in the movement of color and textures of paint. He was known to use everything including his own body as his canvas.

In his early school years, he had trouble with reading and other subjects where his artistic and creative passions could not find expression. When he was ten a child psychologist told his parents that this dyslexic boy would never amount to anything! His numerous international successes are a tribute to kids with alleged "learning disabilities."

"Spar" is his birth name. It appealed to his parent's desire for a powerful name and his father's love of sailing. The spar is the mast in a sailboat. In the Jamaican dialect spar means "close friend."

He was born in 1963 in Park City, Utah. He has lived in Banff, San Francisco, Aspen, Rancho Santa Fe, Vancouver, and Whistler. He currently resides in Maui, Hawaii with his wife Johanna, their daughter Shanti, and their cat.

His work has received reviews of generous praise and appreciation at numerable international art exhibitions and fine galleries in North America and abroad.

He is a former world professional aerial and mogul, slalom and giant slalom skier and five-time British Columbia ski champion. He has had numerous top 5 results at the National level and finished in the top sixteen at the World Professional Mogul Championships in 1985.


Andre Agassi

"Wow! Amazing! There is so much energy here! You have captured the feeling entirely. This has so much more feeling than anything I have seen before."

Eckhart Tolle

"Presence is the quality that brings power, joy, and inner radiance into your experience. An artwork created from presence lifts you out of the mind’s obsession with "me" and "my problems" into the center of awareness, which is power and radiance. Presence is what people recognize within themselves when they look at famous paintings or sculpture. The artist was in a transcendent state while creating the artwork and everyone feels that transcendence when they look at the art. Your works come from this place. They take us into the stillness, which is power, which is love."

Natalie Cole

"That is so incredibly beautiful. I love where the lines, the curves, and the colors take me when I look at it. It is absolutely delightful. What an amazing gift you have."

Ted Turner

"If I don’t like a painting, I won’t put it in my house. I love your painting. I really love it. That painting will go in my atrium."


"You can never prepare yourself for what you see in Spar’s paintings. There is something indescribably attractive and pure about them. They offer a clear portal into the infinite. Looking closely into them is reverie, as if the full force of all that is beautiful is looking back at me. They hold the nectar of the divine and come from a deep, soul-satisfying source."

David Paget

"So many of the artworks we see in galleries and museums today are simply reflections of things that have been done before or the latest fad. They lack the authenticity that moves the soul; and ignites the spirit. Spar plays with layer upon layer of pigment, line, and form. Innovative and intuitive, he finds the life in the unfolding process until that life shimmers and dances from the surface from the surface, moving and pulsing with the light of pure energy."

Jane Goodall

"Lift of Freedom" is truly a magnificent painting. It captures the very spirit of freedom. Just looking at it gives me a wonderful sense of release and hope. I have a photograph of it with me when I travel… I cannot thank you enough for "Lift of Freedom" in all its glory. It is one of my most valued possessions."

Dr Deepak Chopra

"Wow! These are so beautiful, so incredibly beautiful!"

Dr Wayne Dyer

"Gorgeous! Your work pulses with life. It takes me into the realm of the spirit."

Mark Victor Hansen

"Breath-taking! Nothing short of stunning! That is how I describe the experience of seeing his original paintings and sculptures up close. It is no wonder why Spar Street’s work has become an icon for the extraordinary in the minds of the world’s most successful and discerning individuals."

The Right Honorable Kim Campbell

"Wow! There is so much passion and movement in your work. The colors and light are extraordinary. It is at the same time powerful and gentle. I feel free just looking at it."